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Im a Born Gifted 7th Generation Psychic With The Powers & Knowledge too Help Many, Knowing At a Young Age My Mother Had the Gift I Soon Enough Found That I Was Also gifted But My Abilities Was More Heightened Then of those Before me As She Told Me More About My Gifts And Shared With Me Storys of her Past and About my Ancestors She later Explained to Me i was one of the Strongest Medium's not only In our Family but she has known I Wasn't Surprised Though Because  Considering my Abilities started at Age Of 4 Years Old i Had a Vision Of that Very Same Conversation We Had, As Young Child i Was Always Foreseeing Visions of The Future And Communicating With Higher Spirits and Angels/deities I Just kept enhancing my Spiritual Abilities Learning All Ways and Methods Of Helping and Healing The early Years Of my Life is when i Started To Become a spiritualist I learned Most of My Abilities At Those Times For the Ongoing Years i Continued to help people worldwide 

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